EZ-RATER® Systems
Real-time rating. Real fast and real EZ.

Our interactive Platform for the Web makes quoting online quick and easy

1. Instantaneous, real time rating can be experienced at the sidebar to the right. Click to change any of the rating criteria and see how the total premium is recalculated and displayed in a blink of an eye. There is no need to press a “rate” button after making a change.

2. A simple and responsive user interface is our hallmark. It takes more than programming skills alone to make great software. Based on years of experience working closely with staff and agents, EZ-RATER team members excel at producing true "ease of use" software.

3. Our Web rater will guide your agent in obtaining all the required information in a friendly, but controlled and contextually appropriate manner that prevents confusion or missteps and assures accurate quotation every time.

4. Transparency of premium calculation is provided to staff through our Premium Reflection technologies. Detailed and interactive breakdowns make it easy for company personnel to immediately understand the composition of any of the calculated premiums.
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Features of rating on the Web

Downloading and installing programs are a thing of the past when using browser based software.

Accurate rating is guaranteed because the software used by the agents will always contain the latest rates. Agency quotes will match policy administration premiums to the penny every time.

Anywhere, anytime access to software that is always available through the Web provides the best user experience for the agents.

Company control over a hosted rating system facilitates the management of fine-grained permissions by the company for total control over the agencies and their policies.

A virtual book of business is created by a single web-based rating system that contains all the lines of insurance for all the states in which the company does business. An enormous source of live and stored data is available to company personnel at their fingertips, opening a world of possibilities for analytics and relevant reports.

The EZ-RATER Platform

Based on decades of experience in the rating solutions business, our Platform:

Consists of multiple technologies, sound methodology, and innovative programming

Virtually eliminates interaction conflicts, even with complex and dynamic rule requirements

Provides for a rapid configuration of rating factors, deviations, and rules, which significantly abbreviates development time